We are women, we are fierce and we are meant to feel like goddesses.   My goal with each and every client is to make her feel beautiful and comfortable in her own skin and see herself in light she hasn't seen before.  I am a momma.  I know what it is like to see the changes our bodies go through carrying a child, birthing a child and finding our new normal with our bodies.  I want women to embrace these parts that make us superstars in our babies' eyes and nothing makes me feel happier and fulfilled like a woman feeling fabulous about herself. 

My Story

Growing this line of photography has been my dream since my early twenties. I always knew I wanted to stick with people and women in even moreso. I am a mom to three beautiful children.  While I had always been a hobbyist and photographed friend’s weddings on the side, when my third was born I had some big decisions to make and transitioned to being at home more with my babies and starting my own business to set my own hours around my husband’s work schedule.  It was at that time "Dana Marie Photography" was born to give me flexibility around their lives.

As a little girl I remember my mom not wanting to go to the public pool or be seen in a swimsuit in public, most of the women around me felt the same way about their bodies and it always stuck with me. I remember seeing Demi Moore’s nude pregnancy photo on the cover of Vanity Fair in the supermarket and thinking the photo was so beautiful and brave. During my first pregnancy I hated my body and every change it went through, I reflected back to that cover and felt nothing like the beautiful woman I saw adorning the magazine cover so many years before. I looked back at my pregnancy time afterward I gave birth and wished I had just accepted my body and documented photos of the changes for my baby to look at later in life, with my last pregnancy I completely embraced every curve and inch my body grew and started this mission to help other mom's find that inner goddess that has always been there but sometimes gets hidden in our Mom personas.  

As for the photography side of things, photography has been a creative outlet and passion of mine for more than ten years.  I started with film and learning on a 35mm how to "paint with light" and it took off from there.  I have always worked well with posing women and understanding how curves move and shape themselves. I love working with women on their wedding days, maternity sessions and boudie shoots - when people ask what my specialty is I always want to comment boudies, brides and babies!!!  I am not a very girly girl - except when it comes to sexy shoots for myself! I love dressing up and feeling feminine and pretty with make up, lashes and tall heels! I take my own photos or have them taken every couple of years to tweak what I think feels more comfortable for clients or to find what draws the best experience possible.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, fellowship, coffee dates with girlfriends, scrapbooking, playing the piano and beach time on the not so hot days. I love live music, especially Dave Matthews Band concerts. You can find me at least once a summer checking out their tour!

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