The Details

What is Boudoir Photography?  Boudoir photos are simple and sexy, they show off "the look" in your eyes and the way your body curves.  Boudoir photos are meant to be fun and flirtatious, laid back and exciting!  I want my clients to feel beautiful in their photos and feel a real confidence boost when they see them after.  We will have fun together, relaxing to music and good vibes, the experience is meant to be lighthearted and playful.

Our luxurious session includes hair and make-up (with lashes) and I highly recommend this option for clients.  Sit back and let someone pamper you.  Unwind talking to the hair and make-up artist as she gets your face camera ready.

Is Hair & Make Up Included?  Yes! Professional Make Up and Hair Styling is included with your session.  Camera ready make-up is different than you would wear to work or out on a date.  A professional make-up artist knows what translates well on camera and will have your face ready to be seen.  The make-up includes fake lashes and if you have never worn them before then you are in for a real treat!  I have included hair and make-up in the price of the photos and the price is the same whether you get it done or not.  I find that I spend much less time editing photos where professional hair and make-up services were attained and more time on photos where it was not.

Do you have Clothing for the Sessions? Yes! Please check out my client closet page for some great information on clothing and shoes I have in the studio for borrowing for your session.

Do you offer Couples Sessions?  Yes! I love working with couples and capturing their love and connection in front of my lens. A Studio consult or FaceTime Conversation is required to book a couples session.

The When & Where

Boudoir sessions can be done at the studio any time of day though I do enjoy shooting when we have access to some natural light.  Boudoir photo sessions can also take place at a local hotel room or the comfort of your own home.  The best time to take them is mid morning/afternoon depending on the available light where we are shooting.  No light?  No problem!  I have mobile studio lights made to look natural lit.  Boudoir photos can also be done during pregnancy for a super fun take on pregnancy and embracing your body at every stage.

The Excuses 

In bold are excuses I commonly hear and my responses to them

I don't have the body for it.  This is a terrible misconception that people have about boudoir photography.  These photos can be done with ANY body type and shape.  I will talk to you by phone or email and ask what you love about your body and what you are self conscious of.  We will play up the parts you love best and pose to perfection the parts you are nervous about.  I have several set ups to work with and we can even hide certain body parts you do not want shown.  Boudoir photos are for every woman at every age.

I don't have a lot of lingerie.  That is ok.  You don't need pieces that are specific lingerie pieces.  Bring a football jersey, a sexy pair of jeans, bra and panties, boy shorts, mens wear, scarves, ties, whatever fits your style - that's what I want you to bring. In addition to making the session your own, I now have the client closet FULL of items ranging in size from S-3XL.

I don't want to be naked.  You do not have to be nude for boudoir photography, you can wear as little or as much as you want as long as you are comfortable.  We can make a simple pair of jeans and a tank look as hot as Victoria's Secret's latest teddy.  I recommend bringing several outfits/looks with you, you may find as the session goes on you may feel daring enough to wear the piece you weren't sure you would be ready for.  I encourage clients to relax but try and step out of their comfort zone during the session, no one else will see the proofs, you have nothing to lose.  Some ladies choose to try a few topless or bare bottom photos, that is ok too but please do not feel like you have to do that at your session for the photos to be sexy. 

I want something glamorous but not sure I want a boudoir session.  Be sure to check out a glamorous session as an alternative to the Glamour Shot Days years ago and an upgrade to the modern headshot.  Glamour Sessions are even more fun when taken with a mom, sister, best friend or multi-generational shoot.